Can’t deal.

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hey nerds

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The HKS M300 MA61 is a car of legend amongst the archives of the great top speed racing era of yatabe test course. It was the first production japanese car to ever reach the holy grail of 300+KMh. The cars performance itself was shrouded in mystery due to HKS not wanting to let anyone else in on how they reached that level of speed. No real specs were ever released of the cars capabilities, but a few engine bay shots revealed that it was a 5MGE powered by twin turbos blowing through 3 side draft carbs. this is the car that put HKS in the spotlight.

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They showed the P5 logo in the new TGS Trailer and I am just crying at how terrible it is and how much it just looks like a dumb NASCAR sponsor.

3px stroke with a hard drop shadow come on man why would you just turn on the default layer style options and be like “yeah ok that looks good”


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and this is why you should play forza 4 with my friends and I

Bone stock Chevy volts on the  Nordschleife. 


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i had a good weekend and i could use a cuddle buddy yes good night beautiful dingus nerds

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just let him have the pizza


just let him have the pizza

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Best of Super Taikyu 2014 by Keisuke Kariya on Flickr.

2014 スーパー耐久シリーズ 第3戦 富士スーパー耐久7時間レース

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im gonna watch an episode of my little pony

i learnt that bullying is wrong and you should make friends with people based on their personality rather than looks how the fuck are people sexualising this show like what the fuckity doo

the ponies are hot, dumb ass -_-


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Please add more unwarranted explosions to gifs. It’s my favorite.


Please add more unwarranted explosions to gifs. It’s my favorite.

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